Visiting Dr. Saden for the first time was a positive experience. He did an awesome job addressing my concerns and providing an effective treatment. I would highly recommend his services for anyone suffering from migraines

Alyssa C.

“Anytime you can take back surgery off the table is awesome. Thanks to Dr. Saden and Baybridge Chiropractic Clinic, the decompression treatments are working and after just a few weeks I am seeing a vast improvement!”

KC Hemry

“Dr. Saden is AMAZING!!!! I have been in terrible pain since November 2023. I have two bulging disc at 23 years old :( Dr. Saden helped me with my pain in just a few appointments!!! Got my 10+ pain down to a 1 or 2!!! (: if you’re having any sort of crazy pain, you have to go see Dr. Saden. He’s a miracle worker!”


I highly recommend Dr. Patrick Saden and the wonderful staff at Baybridge Chiropractic. Dr. Saden is not only extremely knowledgeable and skilled in chiropractic care, but he also truly cares about his patients' well-being. The staff is friendly, professional, and always makes you feel welcome. The office is clean and inviting, creating a calming environment for treatment. I have seen great improvements in my health since my adjustments. Thank you, Dr. Saden and team, for your excellent care and dedication to helping your patients feel their best!


Dr. Saden was a life send when I injured my shoulder and back. I went days hoping the issue would alleviate but it persisted. After a few visits and maintenance with the staff at Baybridge Chiropractic I felt like new.

Matt C.

Dr Saden is very thorough and professional. I highly recommend his services to anyone experiencing back pain.


This was my first experience with a chiropractor, but I would highly recommend Dr. Saden. In a course of a couple of weeks, I went from intense pain to feeling like myself again.

Mary S.

“Since I started treatment at Baybridge Chiropractic Clinic, I've experienced significant improvements in my back pain and overall well-being. The staff is welcoming, and the care is top-notch.”

James P.

"Dr Saden is amazing, he helped me with my sprained rotator cuff and kept me out of the orthopedic field and much longer recuperation time. Highly recommend!"

Michael O.

"I play sports throughout the year. I was recommended to him through a friend. I’ve never gone to a chiropractor before and didn’t realize I would benefit from one. I’ve seen Dr. Saden twice and I feel great. I find myself moving more freely than before which helps in my competitive games."


"Dr. Saden performed the laser light therapy on my shoulder for pain. It was so bad I was waking up in the night crying, could barely get dressed and took ibuprofen 800 religiously. After 6 or so sessions, I was pain free. I can not express my gratitude enough for stopping the pain. I recommend it to anyone needing pain relief."

Heather G

"I have known Dr Saden both professionally and casually for many years. Outside the clinic he is jovial, fun loving and enjoyable. In the clinic setting he is professional, knowledgeable and confident. I feel that he is a superb choice for anyone who is apprehensive or unsure if chiropractic treatment is a viable option."

Steven R

"Dr. Saden is knowledgeable, friendly, & helpful! I came in with an issue that other chiropractors were not helping me with, he sent me for an mri & then geared his treatment towards correcting the issue. After less than 10 treatments, my pain was gone. Highly recommend him for all of your chiropractor needs!"


"Dr.Saden is great!! My quality of life has improved immensely since I've been seeing him. I've since moved to another city and will still make the drive to see him. I highly recommend him!!"

Brenda E.